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Minimizing surface disturbance and environmental impact

Using directional drilling technology, a multitude of products can be pulled back through the pilot borehole.  Including utility install, gas, water lines, on grade sewer lines, traffic signals, street lighting, railway crossings, electric vehicle charging stations, irrigation lines, fibre optic lines, airside project lines, water bodies and ocean return geothermal lines just to highlight a few! 

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Pipe Fusing, welding and As-built drawings

CB Trenchless can supply certified fusion technicians for butt fusion and electro fusion of the HDPE product. Solvent welding for schedule 40/80 PVC joint conduit and welding for rigid metal conduit of schedule 40 or higher.  We offer Auto-CAD as built drawings as required to our clients.  We also offer professional drone services for our commercial clients and on larger scale projects. 


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Rock Drilling or Solid formation drilling

We specialize in rock drilling, or "getting the tough stuff done"  We use air hammers with our directional drills to ensure that we can drill through the toughest of materials.  Seismic enhanced drilling helps to mitigate line fracture in the event of an earthquake.                       On-grade HDDs require careful attention to maintain proper grade at all points during the drilling process, while site access can be limited by geographic constraints.  Diversified boring can be an option based on the experience of the driller.  We have that experience! 

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