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Directional Drilling

What is Directional Drilling and Why You Need It

Directional drilling is a method used by contractors to access underground areas to lay utilities, pipes, or other infrastructure. This process involves drilling through soil, rock, or other material in order to reach the desired area. As a result, directional drilling can be used for a variety of projects from laying water lines to creating tunnels for roads and highways. Let’s take a closer look at why directional drilling is so important. 

Why is Directional Drilling Necessary? 

Directional drilling allows contractors to access underground areas without causing disruption above ground. In the past, when contractors needed to lay infrastructure below the surface of the earth they would have to dig out trenches in order to do so. This was not only time-consuming but disruptive as well, as it caused damage above ground and made construction more difficult. With directional drilling, however, contractors can easily access any area that they need without having to disrupt any existing structures or land features. This makes construction much easier and faster while reducing costs significantly. 

How Does Directional Drilling Work? 

When directional drilling is used for a project, an initial borehole is horizontally drilled into the ground in order to begin the process. Once this initial bore hole has been drilled the cutting tool is removed and replaced by a reamer.  The reamer is pulled back through the initially created hole to remove cutting and create space for the pipe to be installed.  The drill stem is passed through the bore hole again and the pipe is then attached at the exit side of the project and pulled back through the newly created hole.  Bentonite is typically placed in the hole during the process so the pipe has no gaps and is placed in a sealed environment.   The amount of excavation that needs to be done is very minimal and only for the entrance and exit pits.  Furthermore,  the drill head can be steered to achieve the perfect location for the pipe to lay once installed.  

What Are The Benefits Of Directional Drilling? 

The benefits of using directional drilling are numerous; it saves time and money while also minimizing disruption above ground level. Additionally, directional drilling can be used in tight spaces where traditional digging methods would not work due to lack of space or access restrictions.  The social impact of directional drilling should not be undermined as road closures are costly and annoying to residents.  Finally, directional drilling can also provide better accuracy when installing utilities such as water lines which helps ensure that these services are installed correctly each and every time without any complications down the line. 

At CB HDD Trenchless Civil Construction Ltd , we specialize in directional drilling projects of all sizes. Our team of experienced contractors are knowledgeable and highly skilled in executing the best method for your project. Contact  our drilling company  today to learn more about our services and how we can help you! 

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